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As WAEC Releases 2018 May/June WASSCE Exam results, many candidates have been asking us if there is any way they can upgrade their results.
The correct answer here is that WAEC results can not be upgraded once it’s released online. Mind you, there is nothing like WAEC result upgrade.

On the social media and internet, some fraudsters have already started demanding money from candidates that did not performed well for 2018 May/June WASSCE Exams promising to help them upgrade their results.

Here is a typical email/comments/posts and offers being used by the scammers


“Hello guys, UPGRADING WAEC/GCE result is really possible, i used to doubt it then till i saw a post about it, i called the number and the person that picked up my call happened to work at waec office. he actually helped me to upgrade my waec result and two of my friends own too which was withheld and later released with bad grades IF YOU KNOW YOU NEED HELP UPGRADING OR CHECKING WITHHELD, WAEC G.C.E RESULT, D.O.B CORRECTION AND NAME CORRECTION, i will advice you call the man number 081*******, Am okay with 100% certain he can be of help to you as he was to me, Once more that his the number 081********.”


Good day friend’s My, name is Okun joy i am a native of Igbo Abia state. For 3 to 5 years now i have been writing Waec but i find it difficult to come out in flying colour, but not until I met this gracious man God fearing called mr alex, who helped me to upgrade and released my withheld waec result, but at the beginning I thought he cannot help me or is not possible to release a witheld result, But I summoned UP courage, I, did what he asked me to do, and just some few days he called me and asked me to check my result, then I did so and saw my result with a very good condition. Today, i’m very happy that i’m the most happiest person on Earth and also a student of Ibadan [IU] as a civil Engineering a student in 200 level, please for the sake of those who have the same problem I was before, call mr alex for help, he is there to assist you any time: 070*******.

And so many other formats.

Please run away from them for there is nothing like WAEC result upgrade. WAEC result upgrade is not real. Fraudsters will dupe you and run away with your hard earned money.


Please make una open eye, this is a big time scam.

Beware Of WAEC Result Upgrade Scam

It’s never too late to re-write the exam next year if you know you failed this year. We @ earlyloaded.com guarantee you that if you start studying hard from now ahead of next year WASSCE exam, you will surely pass.

Did you fail 2018 May/June WAEC exam? Just drop your issue using the comment box below and we will give you a solution and guidelines on how to sort it out.

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My name is Divine I want to thank Mr. Happiness for what he did for me. I wrote WEAC this year when I checked my result only 4 was release my maths was bad also others was withheld I was confused because this is my 2nd year of writing WAEC I got Mr. Happiness number and I called him and explain to him he said I shouldn't worry that he will help me, now I have checked my result again it was excellent he helped me to upgrade and release the withheld ones now am very happy if you want him to help you the way he helped me Whatsapp him now on: +2348144853157 or call :09068910854 he will help you. God bless Mr. Happiness In Jesus name Amen...

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The West Africa Examination Council, WAEC will released in a month from now. West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) results, recording mass failure in Mathematics, English Language and chemistry.

Announcing the results, Monday, at WAEC office, Yaba, the Head of National Office, WAEC, Mr. Patrick Ehidiamen Areghan said: “A total of 529,425 candidates, representing 31.28%, obtained credits in five (5) subjects and above, including English Language and Mathematics.”

He noted that when compared to the 2020 and 2021 May/June WASSCE diets, there was marginal decline in the performance of candidates as 38: 81 per cent was recorded in 2019 and 46.57 per cent is on record in 2020.

The results of 145,795 candidates, representing 8.61%, are being withheld in connection with various types of examination malpractice said, “The cases are being investigated and the reports of the investigations will be presented in November to the Nigeria Examinations Committee (NEC).”

In addition, he stated that 1,148,262 candidates, representing 67.84 %, obtained credits and above in 4 subjects, while 1,293,389 candidates, representing 76.42%, obtained credits and above in 3 subjects.

I am Mr Mathew a direct Waec official. I will definitely help only the brave and smart people on this year 2020 Waec result upgrade contact him now and say bye bye to your worries on this number 09078610093. I have done my part so save your cry.

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